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Why choosing I-RH Partner?

I-RH Partner is a consulting firm in AMOA HR and HRIS founded in March 2016. We support the HR function in their evolution and their projects. I-RH Partner distinguishes itself by the double competence associating with the knowledge of the HR function and the knowledge of the new technologies in order to propose our clients a global counselling approach of in organisational HR and HRIS. We are also an agile consulting firm, breaking all of the heavy processes that are normally a barrier in big companies. Among us, everyone is just as important and it is a equilibrium of well-being at work and within our consultants because we believe that it is the leverage of the best performance.

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Well-being at I-RH Partner

Our employees' well-being is our top priority. We are guided by a management approach based on transparency, proximity and attentiveness. Working in a good mood is a leitmotiv that we nurture.

Learning & Development

Knowledge management is at the center of our expertise. Every month, our consultants share their best practices, their experiences, and promote knowledge transmission through internal training sessions.

Social Responsibility

I-RH Partner aims to be more responsible and respectful to the environment, in both ecological and social terms. We are committed to integrate our next resolutions in our daily operations and with our customers.

International openness

Our expertise allows us to drive HRIS deployment projects around the world. Our consultants come from different countries and have a perfect knowledge of the cultural challenges in order to lead relevant international projects. In order to be ever closer to its clients, I-RH Partner recently opened a subsidiary in Switzerland!

Equal opportunities

Our company handles international complexity and our consultants are multilingual (more than 10 spoken languages) and come from different parts of the world: Vietnam, Algeria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Portugal, Venezuela, Colombia... At I-RH Partner, we are attentive to your potential, your values and your commitment!

Cool workplace

Our workspace is favorable to the well-being of our employees. It is the perfect mix between productivity and a good working atmosphere. And to follow our growth strategy, we are looking for new offices that will reflect our image, just like our previous ones.

Our offers

Consultant(e) / Chef de projet AMOA SIRH

Consultant(e) SuccessFactors - LMS

Alternance Consultant(e) AMOA SIRH​

Consultant(e) SuccessFactors - Employee Central

Consultant(e) Compensation & Benefits

Alternance Consultant(e) Conseil SIRH

Apprenticeship - Consultant(e) HRIS

Apprenticeship - Business Developer

Alternance Consultant(e) Conseil SIRH

Office Manager

Consultant(e) AMOA / HRIS - Compensation & Benefits

Alternance Consultant(e) Conseil SIRH

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"

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