Five ways to create a strategic onboarding program

Onboarding has proven to play a strategic role to unlock a lot of business value in which it enhances employees branding, competitiveness, time to productivity, engagement levels and reduces recruiting and labor costs. It creates an interconnected link between the company’s mission, vision, philosophy, culture, job specifications and employees’ expectations Read more…

Cross-cultural management: an underestimated blessing

As processes’ globalization spreads out within some companies, the workforce has become increasingly diverse, rising awareness over cross-cultural management needs. This phenomenon can be explained by the global economic context: people are constantly in motion (jobs or destination wise), investments are being traded at an unprecedented rate in history and

War of talents and employer branding

Employer branding is a good answer to face a growing shortage of qualified workforce. Culture, leadership, a clear vision, transparency and trust are the ingredients of a strong employer branding. All of these values, will allow you to build a coherent speech, which can be spread by your collaborators Share on

Well-being and Identity at work

Improving employees’ well-being is important because it directly impacts the essence of companies, namely, their human capital. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Nowadays, it appears that a lot of companies are trying to promote employees’ well-being in their organizations. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Adidas or

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