Our business support and PMO offer operationally assists projects. It covers both Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and business transformations projects; including the development of a shared services center and the professionalization of the HR function.

Without being exhaustive, the following offers can be applied to HRIS, Business and Organizational issues

Management / Outsourcing

Project Management is not just the analysis of a present situation. It also involves the planning of financial strategies, the deployment of solutions and a support in terms of changes. Our approach is based on constant information exchanges, establishing good relationships and transversal management.

Electronic signature, electronic safe and workflows are import numerical solutions for the HRD/DIS. Supporting an implementation phase involves the deployment of a pilot in order to capitalize on the first successes. A dematerialization is the opportunity to redefine or update current processes, paying particular attention on delegation systems and security.

HR digital transformation
We are convinced that the success of digital transformation projects will depend more on human than technological factors. The Human Resources department appears to be the key player to conduct those transformations, allying its business knowledge to the one of the DIS. Our offer allows you to acquire the fundamentals of HR digitalization. Through workshops, our clients learn how to manipulate the principal conveyors of digitization and to integrate/deal with digital transformations.

Change Management
Change management is a job that is locally done in order to define training plans and communication strategies adapted to the characteristics of your populations. This strategic project brings innovative propositions to realise the defined requirements. For example, the end of a project can include satisfaction surveys and train-the-trainer sessions to insure a knowledge transfer between managers, subordinates and end-users.