Our team

Olivier Indovino

I-RH Partner President

After 16 years in a consulting firm or in large companies mainly on HRIS implementation projects, I founded i-RH Partner independently in March 2016. I-RH evokes the digital mutation of human resources functions in a reference to Apple’s products.  ”Partner” expresses partnership, an essential notion in project success.

I have progressively surrounded myself with talented collaborators to respond to all the business and technical problems encountered.

Today, with more than 22 consultants, the company is growing but still retains all the benefits of a human-sized structure promoting dialogue. The values of our beginnings are more relevant than ever: a positive and caring relationship to achieve excellence with challenging goals.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my expertise. It is very important to me that my clients have at the end of the mission the knowledge and tools they needed. The HRIS must fulfil the objectives defined at the outset and become a decisive factor in the company’s success.

We have become progressively specialised in SuccessFactors, TalentSoft, CornerStone, Talentia and Lucca because experience has shown us that our clients get the most convincing results with these solutions, particularly in terms of daily user activity. They also enable us to approach all the market segments, from large groups to the smallest companies.

Our particularity is to offer a complete support system that starts with the customer’s requirements and ends when the last user in the company and its subsidiaries has full control over the solution’s use.

In fact, I started from the observation that employees, especially younger ones, want to find in their professional uses the efficiency and fluidity of the applications they use every day such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, MOOCs…

In fact, I started by observing that employees, especially younger ones, want to find in their professional uses the efficiency and flexibility of the applications they use on their daily routine, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, MOOCs…

Recruitment, Talent management and Training, the benefits for the company are extensive

  • Easier decision making
  • Talent retention
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity gains generated by big data and semantic analysis…

However, digital transition comes with technical, structural and human challenges. The technological aspect of the digital transformation is systematically highlighted. It is an

essential component, but project success has more to do with human than technological factors.


All our consultants understand your business issues. They provide you with the support you need. They work to ensure a relationship of trust with all of your contacts by providing caring and attentive support that minimises the stress caused by the changes.

Thanks to our practical field experience, we have a realistic vision in terms of execution capacity. Aligning strategic issues and operational reality at the beginning of the project prevents unpleasant surprises.

When you entrust your project to us, you have a dedicated contact person who takes care of the entire implementation. You can delegate in complete confidence because you are ensured that this person will be your most effective representative. He guides decisions with legitimacy, anticipates technical difficulties and shares his knowledge. You get measurable, tangible and sustainable results.

Our Consultants

Sven Berger

Director Swiss branch

Thanks to his international assignments covering multiple aspects such as counseling on the best practices of projects, project management, change management, help in the choice of a supplier, business cases and interfaces ; Sven will be able to answer your requirements and guide you towards the success of your HR and HRIS projects. Mastering different tools (SuccessFactors, Talentia and Orgchart) and languages (French, English and German), he will know how to fit in your intercultural environment.

Pierre Jeambrun

HR/HRIS Consultant

Pierre has a varied experience regarding Training (Strategy, in-class, digital, rating and admin tools). He has also led several Data management projects (Data migration, Data cleaning, Process & quality). Furthermore, he is the internal referent on GDPR matters.
Fluent in English (with notions of Spanish and Chinese) and with numerous intercultural experiences, Pierre will know how to develop a trustful relationship with your co-workers all around the world.

Aref Lameche

HR/HRIS Consultant

Due to his past experiences in international companies, Aref has developed an interest for subjects related to the HR digital transformation: change management, project management and HRIS tools.  Also, Aref has managed several projects related to training and has developed an expertise in these fields: digital learning, training strategy.
Finally, thanks to his linguistic abilities (fluency in English, French and Arabic), Aref will know how to adapt to different cultural environments, and thus, establish a trustful relationship with your employees.

Kévin Auguste​

HR/HRIS Consultant

After starting his career on HR projects within a big international company, Kévin covered various aspects of the HR function (HR development, Recruitment, Payroll and Personal administration…), which helped him to grow as a true business partner.His project mindset combined with his HR knowledge allows him to work on a wide variety of missions.Fluent in French and English, he will manage to keep your workforce engaged and dedicated to the project.

Mickael Duchoze​

HR/HRIS Consultant

Graduated from a business school and two Master of Science in Human Resources and HRIS, Mickaël started his career in a recruiting consulting firm in Montreal. He also had the opportunity to work for UNICEF Spain, in Madrid, to strengthen their recruitment team.  After a couple of years, he came back to France and worked for the European leader in inter-company children nursery management. More specifically, he worked on the redesign of the mobility and recruitment processes for all the employees of the group (4000).

Today, he works at Christian Dior Couture, part of the LVMH group, to support them with the data migration and data cleaning issues on the SAP SuccessFactors HRIS.

Trilingual in French, English and Spanish, Mickaël will be able to help you during your HR and HRIS international projects.

Hang Tran

HR/HRIS Consultant

Thanks to her international HRM master’s and various experiences acquired through different projects, Hang is capable of covering different talent management topics (international mobility, training, recruitment). Her expertise in tools such as Peoplesoft and Taleo will also enable her to support you in your HRIS projects.
As Hang has worked in different contexts in Asia and Europe (startup, multinational group, headhunting firm and non-profit organization), her linguistic capacities (English, French, Vietnamese and notions of Korean) and her intercultural acuteness will be an asset to cover any international projects and offer you multifaceted proposals.

Léo Thieullen​

HR/HRIS Consultant

After a Master’s degree in Human Resources, Léo sharpens his expertise in many HR aspects including recruitment and HR development.
Thanks to his international experience (4 countries and 3 continents), Léo masters three languages (French, Spanish, English) and enjoys working in an intercultural context.
Having contributed to the implementation of a HRIS solution for 100 000 employees in 33 countries, he will meet your expectations and support your employees.

Charlotte Pernot​

HR/HRIS Consultant

Holding a degree in Law and in Human Resources Management, Charlotte has a solid experience in the retail and industrial sectors. Her contribution to these projects allows her to develop her expertise in Digital Transformation, Recruitment, Performance & Goals, and Change Management. After living 6 years in the United States, she provides her clients with her international culture and her ability to adapt. Her business expertise, ability to listen and great responsiveness allow her to support her clients in their digital restructuring project, to improve their efficiency and time.

Martin Louis dit Picard​

HR/HRIS Consultant

Obtaining a master’s degree in “Information Systems Management” in business school, Martin has experience in various structures and fields (Human Resources, Project Management, Communication). His international experience (Germany, Chile) gives him the ability to work in intercultural contexts and in a foreign language. His knowledge of French, English, Spanish and German is an advantage in managing your international projects.

Franck Lacaille​

Director Pay and Time management

Franck has been in the HRIS industry for more than 20 years in both private and public sector companies. He masters HRIS ecosystem where his GA / GTA / Payroll skills are highly recognized. He worked as a consultant, manager and project manager in consulting firms before joining I-RH Partner as a Senior Manager.

His profound experience and know-how in implementing HRIS solutions will enable him to transform your projects. Franck is known for his professional and human qualities. He always places his customers in the first place and is willing to go extra miles to meet customers’ needs and expectation.

Valentina Casalins López

Business Assistant

With a graduate in social communication and journalism, Valentina joined the I-RH Partner team as a communication assistant.

Bilingual in Spanish and with her previous experience in a French company, she has developed different strategies around social networks, brand positioning and audiovisual content production.

Her creativity, adaptability and teamwork allow us to position ourselves in the best possible way in today’s digital environment.

Asmae El Hazzat​

HR/HRIS Consultant

Thanks to her multiple skills, in HR Business development and HRIS functional area, Asmae has exercised almost all her previous experiences in an international environment for various sectors: Automotive industry, Insurance, Consultancy, Construction industry). Keen on diversity and world’s opening jobs, she succeeded in making HR Development one of her passions and advising HR professionals on their digital transformation journey, her ambition.

Conscious about the importance and the positive impact of bringing digital tooling to serve the optimization of HR processes by using HRIS, Asmae has advised one of the world leader firm in Construction industry by managing the End to End deployment of the ‘’Talensoft’’ recruitment module for more than 8 subsidiaries across 12 countries.

Her linguistic abilities (English, French & Arabic), her curiosity, experience & skills in consultancy constituted a very strong assets which helped her to make her missions successful and to reach her professional goals.

Roland Cauvin​

Commercial Director

Roland believes that the human factor is the keystone to the success of a project. This strong belief is the cornerstone of his change management approach. Thus, he contributes to the success of HRIS projects by making project managers benefit form his experience of major public sector projects and his keen sense of human relations. His background is particularly appreciated and recognized in the large ESNs where he regularly intervenes as a HRIS expert on complex projects in both the public and private sectors.
Roland is also a temporary teacher in change management at the University of Versailles Saint Quentin in Master 2 in Sociology and Master 2 RSE.

Sara Ali Fdal

HR/HRIS Consultant

Graduated with a Master in Program Management, Sara is trained to adapt different project management methodologies to your HRIS problematic.
Having an appetence for communication and having previously held the position of HRIS communication officer, she also positions herself as a change management specialist.
Sara has also worked for more than two years within a large French group of the CAC 40 on the deployment of different SAP Successfactors modules (Recruiting, EC, JAM) and the tool PeopleDoc. Her linguistic abilities (trilingual in French, English and Arabic) and her open-mindedness allow her to be comfortable and enjoying working in multicultural teams.

Louise Bos

HR/HRIS Consultant

After starting her career in the Talent Acquisition team of a large automotive group, Louise continued to perfect her HR knowledge in Germany. Working on HR strategy within a multinational company, she acquired a global vision of HR issues and projects (Learning & Development, Talent Management, Organization Design, Diversity & Inclusion, Strategic Workforce & Planning).

Thanks to her experience within multicultural teams, Louise will be able to adapt to the context of your company in English as well as in French.

Juliette Perrot

HR/HRIS Consultant

Currently doing her master 2 of strategy at Grenoble Business School. Juliette has the pleasure to join the team as Consultant HRIS.
Previously, Juliette worked for an Australian scale-up company in the HR department. This experience strengthened her skills especially about the recruitment, the international mobility and training sessions.
Moreover, Juliette had the chance to work in the digital transformation field where she found herself developing a taste for the new technologies. Alongside her work, her master 2 allows her to analyse and advice clients in their digital changes.
Resourceful and enterprising, she is looking forward to answering your questions!

Candice Leblanc

HR/HRIS Consultant

In preparation for her master’s degree in Human Resources, Candice has had various experiences in payroll, personnel administration and recruitment. She has developed a particular appetence for HRIS, which seems to be the future of Human Resources. Her ability to interact in foreign languages, especially English and German, allows her to demonstrate a good interpersonal skill in cross-cultural situations.

Adeline Larnaud

HR/HRIS Consultant

With a Master’s degree in HR and Social legislation, and after a first experience in operational HR functions (HR development, recruitment, payroll, staff administration…) in a large French group, Adeline has acquired a global vision of HR issues and projects.

Adeline also worked for one year in a large international group, on the deployment of different SAP Successfactors modules (EC, Perf&Goals, Succession), as well as on the communication and change management of this project.

Her curiosity, her patience, her sense of advice and listening allow Adeline to adapt quickly in English as well as in French. She will be able to accompany your collaborators and quickly establish a relationship of trust with them.

Luc Pansu

HR/HRIS Consultant

While accomplishing his International Human Resource Management master’s degree, Luc explored areas such as employee’s productivity and digital impact on workers.

He then continued his career in the United Kingdom within a local Scottish authority in charge of HR projects linked to performance management.

Starting his voyage down south, he discovered recruitment within a London consulting firm and expanded his knowledge on the French HRIS market.

Now in Paris at I-RH Partner, his joyful personality, his team spirit and his dynamism allow him to adapt to multiple environments. Bilingual in French and in English, he will be able to help you on projects with international scopes.

Sandra Brocherieux

Office Manager

Following her diploma in Art History; Sandra worked for several years in the cultural and event management field.

Bilingual in French and Spanish, her first professional experiences took place in a large cultural center in Venezuela.

She then graduated with a Masters in France and worked for five years within an important production and distribution cinema organization.

Thereafter, Sandra joined the academic sector where she played a role of advisor to students and organized different events linked to training & development. This is where she discovers I-RH Partner.

Her appetency for human relations; her cultural awareness, her versatility and her capacity of adaptation depict her career and remain part of Sandra’s strong assets.

Intervening as Office Manager at I-RH Partner, Sandra contributes to the internal organization efficiency while bringing cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

Cynthia Clombe

HR/HRIS Consultant

Human Resources Professional with solid experience, Cynthia has developed her skills and knowledge around 3 key areas: HR Information Systems, project management and HR processes such as performance and talent management.

Her curiosity and the desire to broaden her horizons led her to work in France and abroad for different type of companies (public organizations and multinationals), giving her the opportunity to gain a better knowledge of HR practices and increase her cultural awareness.

Her adaptability, organizational skills and tenacity will be strong assets to support your projects and guarantee their success.

Nicolas Carcy

Business Developer

Fan of music, history and economy, and graduated from ESG Paris Business School, Nicolas launched his own business after getting experiences in sales and business development in the industry of automotive and building construction.

He built Atelier Thai, 1rst Thai cooking workshop in Paris in B to C with individuals and B to B with companies like Sony, Axa, Leroy Merlin, Davidson Consulting, Meetic,… to propose team building, social cohesion, motivation. In a nutshell, how to take good times with people we are involved in day life.

In 2020, he decides to return to his first professional loves and to study digital business development to acquire the very last digital skills. He finally joins HRIS consulting field and I-RH Partner to take part of the adventure (and the team) !

Hyangsin Lee

HR/HRIS Consultant

Graduated from a Master’s degree in HR, Hyangsin started her career in a multinational company and acquired a solid experience in the HRIS (SuccessFactors) and HR project which allowed her to expertise HR topics such as recruitment and onboarding in an international context.

Hyangsin will be able to adapt to different cultures thanks to her multicultural experiences, and her language skills (trilingual in French, English and Korean) to support your HRIS projects.

Lethisiya Nagendra

HR/HRIS Consultant

Lethisiya is specialized in Human Resources (Recruitment, Training, a bit of Payroll). She has this real interest for digital that enables her to participate to several HRIS projects in an international level. Her various HRIS experiences helped her to understand in better way her clients’ needs and support them as much as possible to adopt their new tool.
Finally, as she speaks English fluently, she’ll know how to adapt to different cultural environment.

Our Expert Partners

Behzad Kazemzadegan

bestpRhactice Co-founder & Managing Partner

Behzad has more than 25 years of experience in HRIS. After a position as HRIS Manager in a major company, he joined an HRIS consulting firm in 2001. Freelance since 2010, he founded bestpHRactice in 2018.

HRIS expert, with a specific expertise in cross-functional domains: Interfaces solutions, Data Migration; he has a solid experience in the piloting of major projects.

bestpRHactice and I-RH partnership is made stronger by their complementarity

Erling Jensen

Senior Manager People & Organization

Erling is an independent consultant specialized in international HR and HRIS transformation projects. With more than 14 years of experience in large consulting firms, he is recognized for his technical, organizational and project management skills. He is fluent in French, English, German and Norwegian.

Frédéric Le Serrec

Consultant & business coach

Frédéric is an independent consultant, facilitating transformation and operational performance. He has accompanied many companies with his expertise in work psychology and 20 years of experience as a consultant in change management in organizations.

Guillaume Lanternier

HR & HRIS Consultant

Guillaume is a freelance consultant. For the past 11 years, he has been supporting his customers to successfully deliver their HRIS projects. He drives them through the early stages, such as HR process harmonization, business requirements formalization and HRIS provider selection, as well as through the following phases by steering and securing their implementation projects.

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"

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